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Job opening:

In the environment sector? Yes! With concrete results for businesses!

The core business of Optiwatt is to optimise, from an energy point of view, the operation of existing technical installations and the design of new entities. Our experts work in the largest buildings, whether industrial, administrative, institutional or commercial.

Our customers can declare exceptional results. Thanks to the pragmatism of our technical expertise and our capacity to collaborate with existing teams, OPTIWATT can demonstrate on average more than 20% of energy savings with a return on investment within less than six months.

We do not only provide for quick energy savings, we will also improve the operation of our customers' equipment with a longer-term view and finally, in this way, we enhance their property assets.

Our cooperative company has strong values. They can be summarised as respect for human resources and environmental conservation.

The largest businesses trust us! Our customers include UCB, Zoétis (Pfizer Group), Sonaca, Sodexo, Sofitel (Accord Group), Mc Kinsey, Valens, UCL, and also certain towns. To meet their needs, we are looking for the following profile:

energy manager :

An engineer with 3 (or more) years of experience in maintenance or commissioning installations. A technical profile in order to continually be an actor of change is essential.

You will provide customers with an essential overview of the energy business. You will support them throughout the entire process:

  • Proposals for improvements
  • Validation of technical choices
  • Rapid implementatione
  • Coaching teams on site to maximise results

Solid experience in the multi-technical sectors of building and industry is a guarantee of credibility for existing teams. Your high potential for technical expertise may also help you gain this credibility.

We are looking for a colleague who is preferably bilingual (French – Dutch), ideally of Dutch-speaking origin in order to perfectly understand customers located in the Flemish and Brussels region. Your capacity to also work in English would be an asset.

A rigorous mindset driven by an interest in regulatory compliance, reinforced by energy auditor accreditation (AMURE adb2, UREBA, IBGE) would provide more opportunities.

nOur proposal:

The proposal is for an interesting job in terms of technology and innovation via collaborative working relationships that will lead you to be a main actor in environmental improvement with customers active in various fields.

Our activities are focused on Louvain-La-Neuve and continue at our customers' sites, firstly in Belgium and potentially internationally.

Contractual terms will be discussed with you, as a candidate for this position.

Would you like to know more? Contact:

Nicolas STORMS – Tel : +32 (0)474 36 62 17 - email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.