optimize your energy

Optiwatt sets out ambitious objectives for your approval which sufficiently motivate those involved!

Want to know more?

Optiwatt's added value can be summarised in two points:

  • quickly provides more comfort and generates significant energy savings without necessarily the need for investment;
  • supports renovation projects with a longer-term view which integrates new technologies.

Our technical expertise and capacity to collaborate with existing teams sets us apart. Both these competences ensure the efficient implementation of areas of improvement.

Optiwatt's independence in relation to installers and maintenance companies allows us to focus our efforts on exceeding your goals. Communicating and sharing results motivates all those involved.

A clear method with three continual steps:




Comfort & Energy Scan

We start with the inventory...

Action Plan

We draw up the list of actions to be taken

Operational check

We carry out maintenance checks, a functional check, etc.

Execution Assistance

We draw up a technical description of the optimisation measures

Comfort & Energy management

We provide fine tuning, reporting, management and/or staff training. We consolidate the results obtained and provide you with the means to empower you.

Customised solutions:

  • Problem solver:

    We provide pragmatic solutions for your critical issues.

  • Audit:

    We are an approved IBGE "major consumer", AMURE and "Sector-specific agreement" auditor for industry in Wallonia. Environmental permit energy auditor

  • Engineering office:

    We can assist you with your renovation work

  • Property of the futur:

    We provide a long-term view in order to develop your properties

  • Third-party investor:

    - Possible joint investment of OPTIWATT in installation optimisation
    - Preparation of financing applications