optimize your energy


The Optiwatt mission is to optimise, from an energy point of view, the operation of existing technical installations and the design of new entities if the project so requires.


Optiwatt has a two-pillar approach, respect for people and improvement in your environmental impact.

- Respect for people in all its dimensions and all its diversity:

  • customers
  • colleagues
  • partners

We happily enter into collaborative work, carried out in confidence and with complete transparency.

Want to know more?

Specifically, the four founding partners agree that this is made possible by:

  • prioritising the person regarding financial gain,
  • development of human capital: believing in the person and helping them achieve,
  • acceptance of the fact that my business relationships, including customers, have different values to ours. This requires us to adjust our behaviour if certain values or practices are no longer acceptable.
  • For colleagues, the internal rules stipulate:
    • involvement in decision-making committees,
    • transparency regarding salaries,
    • expression of colleagues' wishes to allow for a follow-up,
    • a personalised development schedule.

- The environmental improvement in the operation of technical installations is the second pillar of Optiwatt.

Our continuous search for efficiency allows us to present you with a range of environmentally optimal solutions, while increasing your financial return and meeting our levels of acceptability.